Naked Builders New Orleans is an adult comedy with adult content, nudity, profanity,  violence, words like fuck, shit and cum. But most of all adult jokes and adult fun  .. Sorry our show had no sex.  We are a series created to help people living at or below the poverty level get the quality medicine they can't afford and we put American Veterans to the front of the line every time.

   We also have a membership program where you could fill out a profile to meet or to just network using our traffic.  All visitors can browse for free, you can choose to allow them to see your profile or make it a just members only.  Along with a profile, you can have a custom page or pages made just for you or your business with the option also for all visitors to see or just members.  All our options are clothing optional along with the freedom to express yourself as you like.

    We also have an abundance of pages you can have your pics, vids or your links placed on. Add to our pages with your design and ideas to share with our traffic. As we grow we would love to take you along for the ride on THE EDGE  a clothing optional social networking area on our site created for people that live there life that way on THE EDGE.  Come have a look around we only bite if you ask.l