Hi,  Thank you for the stopover,

     We are a comedy/drama series with a social clothing optional meeting area with personal or business profile. We also are a blog site with our page  THE EDGE, the edge is also a personal or business area for blogging. We are here to help your blog if you don't know how to set up a blog or all other aspects of it to get your blog noticed and out there, we can do it for you for the same price. 

  Along with all the fun this site has to offer we are creating a builders fund that will help pay for quality medicine and for medical supplies that VETERANS can't get or afford due to living at or below the poverty level in the New Orleans and surrounding areas. We will also help them pay for basic living bills water, heat, ac, electric ect.  .50 cents from every member on our site each month will go into the 'buildersfund. Because all administration cost to make this possible are paid by Bozzman productions 100% of the funds and 100% of donated funds will be able to go to the needs of VETERANS and their families that live at or below the poverty level.

             Thanks again for the stopover  I hope you enjoy the site and the show.  Ray Munoz jr.