Welcome to my place on THE EDGE

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Putting this site together has been a challenge

   It wasn't a life long dream, it wasn't something I just decided to do without experience.   However, I have professional training and education in all that I am doing. The things I didn't know how to do I took online courses and learned..  This project has taken almost four years to put together .. Finally i'm at the great part..creating the show and putting it out there...    Having a blast....    Bozzman..

My 50's feel GREAT !

Getting back in shape for this show is going to be a challenge.

Welcome to my page

Yes , these are my chiwinnies

It was a crazy idea so I had to do it..

Just hanging around and having a great time.. 53 feels great !

Extraordinary Art..... Extraordinary Man...

Beautiful inspiration... Beautiful Man....

Survive it.... and Rock it.!!!

Enough said....

One day I will share how I found this little kitten on the side of the road in the middle of no where Oklahoma

How I found the latest member of my animal family

Just incase you thought YOUR day SUCKED!

On the Big Road I found PEACE !

Hiking in Montana

Thanks for the stop by.. while I build pages for members I will also be updating mine.