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I am single
I am married
I am partnered
I am religiouus
I am spritual
I am athiest
I am outgoing
I am a loner
I am a geek
I am looking for love
I am looking for friends
I am just browsing around
I am sci fi extreme
I am sci fi moderate
I have a website
I am looking for other intersting websites that deal with sci fi
I have a great sense of humor
I have a dry sense of humor
I have a warped sense of humor
I am very technical and logical
I am soooo laid back and easy going
I am a nudist
being naked makes me uncomfortable
I would love to get married
I would love to not get married ever
I have worked on many sci fi projects
I am looking to work on sci fi projects
I am a artist
I am a mechanical engineer
I love the outdoors
I am a homebody
looking for friends