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I am single
I am married
I am partnered
I am straight
I am gay
I am bisexual
I am transgender
I am lesbian
I am religious
I am athiest
I am spritual
My fetish is part of who I am
My fetish is my private side
I am looking for others that are involved in the same fetish
I am interested in many other fetishes
This is a new fethish
I have been at this for some time
I am novice
I am expert
I have a website
looking for special products to go with my fetish
I am most satisfied when I bring my fetish along durinng sex.
basic sex is ok .but I would rather.... when I cum
I am aggressive
I am passive
I am a leader
I will follow
I am a nudist
I am looking for love
I am looking for a fuck friend
I love groups
I like one on one
more is better
less makes me cum
quick and easy
long and slow