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I am single
I am married
I am partnered
I am religious
I am spritual
I am athiest
I am a homebody
I love social events
I love being nude outdoors
I love nude beaches
I like nude resorts
I am a true nudist all the time
I am a occasional nudist
I was raised as a nudist
I am new to nudism
I am straight
I am gay
I am bisexual
I am transgender
I am lesbian
I only enjoy one on one nudity
I love groups with nudity
I have a great sense of humor
I am the quiet type
I am creative
I am logical and subdued
I love to read.
exercise is a way of life for me
candy , coke and pie do it for me
love to cook
love home improvement
gardening is a big part of my life
I am a outdoors person
I am pretty tough
I am passive
I am a leader
I do better following
I like a small group of friends
I love a large amount of people in my life
I am tight with my family
I am a loner
I am looking for friends
I am looking for a partner
I would love to get married someday
I would like to live together and never merry
I have children
I would love to have children
I have no children
If I farted in a crowded room would I admit it.. Hell NO !