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I am a man
I am a women
I am a muscian
I am a fan
I am straight
I am gay
I am bisexual
I am lesbian
I am transgender
I am single
I am married
I have a partner
I am looking for just frineds
I am looking for romance
I hope to get married someday
I never want to get married
I have kids
I want to have kids someday
I'm a get out on the town kinda person
I am a homebody kinda person
I have a great sense of humor
I have a dry sense of humor
I have a strange sense of humor
I like to party on the weekends
I don't party to much but like to get out and about on the weekends
I don;t party at all.
I am religious
I am spritual
I am athiest
I play insturments
I am a leader
I am a better follower
I am looking for someone around my own age
I am looking for someone younger then myself
I love to travel
I am never getting on a plane
I love the outdoors
I hate the outdoors
I love pets
I am educated
I live with my parents
I am a nudist
I am shy
I am ootgoing
I am a social person
I am better with a one on one situation
I'm naked right now.....