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I am single
I am married
I have a partner
I am straight
I am bisexual
I am gay
I am lesbian
I am transgender
I keep my sexuality private
I am religious
I am spritual
I am outgoing
I am introvert
I have a great sense of humor
I have a dry sense of humor
I have a warped sense of humor
I am a homebody
I am a artist
I am a great leader
I follow better then I lead
Self expression is a way of life for me
I am here to meet people who are extremely unique
I am here to meet friends
I am here to find romance
I love to travel
I would be willling to relocate for the right relationship
I am a old soul
I live life to the fullest as much as possible
I am reclusive and quite
I like to party
I live a sober lifestyle
I am educated
I am professionally trained for my job.
I don't like to draw inside the lines