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Personal Details

I am married
I am single
I have a partner
I like/love THE WEED
I am straight
I am gay
I am bisexual
I am transgender
I am a lesbian
I have a great sense of humor
I have a dry sense of humor
I'm not that funny at all
I like to get stoned Naked
I live in a state that allows weed as recreational legal
I have been smoking for a long time
I just started smoking weed recently
I smoke week for medical reasons
I smoke weed because I love the effect it has .
most people know I burn the bud
most people don't have a clue I burn the bud
I am looking for new friends
I am looking for nudist friends
I am looking for love
I would love to get married some day
I never want to get married
I have children
I would love to have children
I am educated
I have a professional job
I work for a living and love what I do
I hate my job but it pays the bills
I am a outdoors kinda person
I am a homebody
I am social
I am a loner
I am creative
I am logical
I am a geek
I am a leader
I do better following
I am in a great place in my life right now
I could use some encouragement in life right now
I am religious
I am spritual
I am athiest
I am political
I am outspoken
I am reserved
I'm stoned right now
I'm looking for new friends all over the world
I'm looking for a partner
i'm looking for love
I would love to get married some day
I just want to live together and never marry.
I love to exercise
cookies, cake and ice cream are my best friends
I love to cook
I love to eat
sexually I am hitting it pretty good about righr now in my life
sexually I am moderate about it right now in my life
I am soooooooo over it.. there is more to a relationship then SEX!