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This group is for members that are nudist and want to share and meet other nudists on this site sharing pics and blogs along with advertising and all ...
This group is for people that like to live a nude life , Naked and Extreme perhaps over the top or right on the edge. Either way this group is for peo...
This group is for the Gay Bear hunting ground here you can be among clothing optional Bears with profile links , pic , vids and blogs from our bear me...
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We are natural weed and herb group sharing ideas , information for growers and products but most of all The joys of THE WEED !
for all truckers to meet everyone
This group was created to help each other learn, grow and share fitness life along with advertising for training, nutrition, sports wear and all that ...
This group was created for nudist that live in rural areas and want to reach out to other nudists that understand and live the country life. Here you ...
This group was created for people that love and live the Sci-fi world. Here you can share your ideas, creations, Artwork, connections and so much more...

Personal Details

I am married
I am single
I have a partner
I like/love THE WEED
I am straight
I am gay
I am bisexual
I am transgender
I am a lesbian
I have a great sense of humor
I have a dry sense of humor
I'm not that funny at all
I like to get stoned Naked
I live in a state that allows weed as recreational legal
I have been smoking for a long time
I just started smoking weed recently
I smoke week for medical reasons
I smoke weed because I love the effect it has .
most people know I burn the bud
most people don't have a clue I burn the bud
I am looking for new friends
I am looking for nudist friends
I am looking for love
I would love to get married some day
I never want to get married
I have children
I would love to have children
I am educated
I have a professional job
I work for a living and love what I do
I hate my job but it pays the bills
I am a outdoors kinda person
I am a homebody
I am social
I am a loner
I am creative
I am logical
I am a geek
I am a leader
I do better following
I am in a great place in my life right now
I could use some encouragement in life right now
I am religious
I am spritual
I am athiest
I am political
I am outspoken
I am reserved
I'm stoned right now
I'm looking for new friends all over the world
I'm looking for a partner
i'm looking for love
I would love to get married some day
I just want to live together and never marry.
I love to exercise
cookies, cake and ice cream are my best friends
I love to cook
I love to eat
sexually I am hitting it pretty good about righr now in my life
sexually I am moderate about it right now in my life
I am soooooooo over it.. there is more to a relationship then SEX!