about me..

religious,political and marital status.


Unique , taste, personality,hobbies,desires....

love to be outdoors

my other locations .com , .org , .net

your here if you are reading this.

I believe strongly That?

There is a after life.

Things i'd like to do with you.

entertain you

Name or nick name


I'm a work in progress..

and so far I like the results!

astrological sign


Best day of my life and the worst day of my life was.

BEST – Hasn' t happen yet.. Worst – losing people I love..

one of my most embarrassing moments was...

Throwing a piece of paper in the trash by the teachers desk and it didn' t make it

The worst time a fart ever came from me and it wasn't quiet ...

At work when the only women that worked there came up behind me and scared me.

My bucket list

Learn spanish

my ghost story

I lived in a haunted house in Laguna Beach California

The thing i'd like to try doing naked..

dirt bike riding.

My ideal partner would have these qualities.

Kind to other people, thoughtful, strong, grown all the way up, believe in God, family first, loves animals, love outdoors, but I love being single and plan on staying that way.

These qualities are what make me a great partner

NONE! Keep me single!!

My dirty little secret is

I love to sing.

The last book I read was? but the best book was?

The bible, THE bible

favorite movie of all time is ?


The food I enjoy the most is...


My kids drive me crazy but I love them I have ? children

I am a Animal Dad.. I have three dogs and a cat. They drive me crazy!

I have a great job, I have a job, looking for work, got some change you could spare?

I have great Jobs

If you could..

cut taxes! by 80%


  1. Bozzman

    I really like the way my site is turning out .
    I just started this as a hobby on the side while trucking across America. Before I got into trucking I did have a background in mos of what I am doing here. But I had to learn a lot .. It’s been quite a journey and a great time.. This site is going to
    shock the crap out of you .. It’s just not what you probably thought it was going to be.. Happy trails!

  2. Susana Caballero

    Lets get this party started !

  3. Bozzman

    Hold on it’s going to get wild…. are you ready for a wild ride?