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Living the life...

Nudist folk connect ..

Natural living..

This page is for the Natural liviing folk that would like to meet others with like interest. Here you can leave any information you would like to meet .. This page was created just for you ! Let's make this page kick ass ! Work with a design developer to put your information on this page and links to any where you would like... Thanks for the stop by at THE EDGE !

NO.... I live this way...

Free style at the beach... I highly recommend it. !

Some of the best times I ever had was naked with my friends !!

Let go !

Relax NAKED ! and go there....

There is just nothing like it... ENJOY THE EDGE !!

My day every day...

She said " Do you want to get NAKED? " I said " HELL YA ! "

This is my norm..... any questions ?

Party Naked !

Just Hanging around with the nudist folk

Hiking naked ROCKS !

Naked for days...a real relaxing way to vacation

Living and working the nude life..

Art/ Jagger ---- Go ahead and click on my pic and you will be taken to my page here on THE EDGE.. This is how you can have yourself displayed on pages here on THE EDGE where visitors can find you on pages of your interest and be sent to your personal page with just a click... Come to THE EDGE and have a look around there is just nothing like it..

Hanging naked here on THE EDGE...

Bear/ Mitch ---- Working on the show has been a great time so far .. Never thought I would find a job I like and could work nude at the same time.. Hope you have a great time here on THE EDGE.. Our show is going to be great this season... click on my pic and you will be taken to My place on THE EDGE..

Get naked and turn us on...

Bozzman/ Ray----- This project has been a blast I hope to produce a great show that nobody expected and to help expose the nudist lifestyle in a way that shows how normal and fun it can be... The experience of nude play and lifestyle should be tried by everyone every now and then... It really relaxes the mind , body and spirit.. Click on my pic and come to My place on THE EDGE.