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I am straight
I am gay
I am bisexual
I am lesbian
I am transgender
I am a big ole drag queen
I am single
I am married
I have a partner
I am just looking for friends
I am looking for romance
I hope to get married someday
I never want to get married
I love to travel
I am a homebody
I have a great sense of humor
I have a dry sense of humor
I have no sense of humor
I am outgoing
I am quite shy type
I love animals
I love extreme sports for the excitement and thrill
I love extrmem sports for the danger
I love extreme sports for the rush
I am looking for a partner that is into extreme sports
I am a leader
I am a better follower
I like to party
I don't party with drugs or alcohol
I live a sober lifestyle
I have children
I have been divorced
I am religious
I am spritual
I am athiest
I have a job ... lol!