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  Get your movie made here with our state of the art program with technology that will put your video or movie at a professional level for display on your page here on THE EDGE or for your personal use.  Get a movie, commercial or private video made to your liking and approval..   All commercials and videos on this site are made with one of the best editing programs in the world and we want to share it with you.  

Please keep this in mind ,  If you become a member for $ 10.00    this will also allow you to have one video made that you can use for your page here on THE EDGE or for your personal use..    Thanks..

Instructions to get your movie or commercial or private video ..

Once you have purchased your Movie package for 25.00 you will get up to a 30 minute movie production made.. You will need to send a email to put attention Movie producer in the subject area.. and then let them know you have purchased a production of your movie or video and you are ready to start... you can send in your pics and video in at this time.. Once the purchase is verified you will be contacted by a producer and off you go... It can take up to 24 hrs to be contacted.. If you would like to have the design producer to start with out you just say Go ahead and start the production ! you will be sent the start portion of your video to make sure we are heading in the right direction with it.. If you agree we will keep going. Or you can wait and work with a design producer on your project to get more specific on your vision of your commercial or movie.. Either way we will produce you a movie or commercial you like before we close the project... This is a promise from us to you.. Thank you for choosing THE EDGE to work your project for you...

Don't you think it's about time to finish that project and go for a RIDE!


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