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The building inspector- A middle aged man that gets the hots for THE BOZZMAN. he must be able to pull off a strong southern accent . This is a recurring role and each shoot is usually on the weekend and shot in one day.

The sister, sisters, and Beth - These roles are nuns but not your everyday type nun there are the two sisters that are actually sisters and then there is Beth the butch lesbian nun. These roles require brief nudity and physical comedy is involved so each day will be different and have lots of physical requirements. These roles also have the ability to become favorite characters on the show and can lead to more scenes than expected.

A Builder- Looking for a real builder but not required for a Cast role this role will require nudity and physical comedy this is a high demanding role with the other builders on the show..

Two lesbian partners/ two gay men partners - These roles are of two women partners that are going through a difficult time in there life with drugs and alcohol there is brief nudity and a simulated  sex scene nudity is required. This will be a one day shoot and can pay up to 250.00 each  for the day.

unless specified the roles available are open to age and race.

All roles require minimum age 18 years and government state issues I.D.

Thank you for the stop over .. Good Luck !

Information and jobs available

All roles are either Cast. Temp. role or recurring role

Most roles that are temp. roles can pay up to 200.00 for the day.
A Cast role Pays 15.00 to 20.00 hr plus a bonus pay
A recurring role is when the role you play comes back several times throughout the season of the show.
a recurring role pays 15.00 hr plus a group bonus pay that changes

  each month depending on the amount of members each month.
Extras are paid by the day and usually paid the same day cash. the pay range is from 12.00 to 13.00 hr. or a short day can pay 75.00 for a four or five hour day

All actors will be responsible for paying their own taxes all Government forms will be provided.

When you are Cast or recurring or temp. recurring you will qualify for a bonus pay based off of the amount of members each month. .50 cents is put into the fund that is split between all actors that qualify that month (but cast is not included). To qualify the show you are in must be playing on the site, each show usually plays for three months before it falls off. So if you are in one show and it plays for three months you get a bonus for three months. Each bonus is paid out in the first week of the next month. If you are recurring or cast the shows you are in will be playing for many months when one falls off you may have another one just starting . The idea here is to do well so each month you and the cast bring in more members to the site. This way everyone involved gets rewarded So, the better the show the more everyone gets.

There is no sex in our project, there will be simulated but never full on porn.

Thank you and Good Luck!

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