I created this site from the sleeper of my 18 wheeler.

Truckers World

Here you can meet and greet those Awesome American Truckers.! Display your pics and advertise for or about trucker life.. Single truckers can post there profile here and create a page where you can follow them across this great country of ours. This page is open to all visitors.

We may have a little house but our yard is HUGE !

That's right my truck is bigger then yours..

Much better then any t.v program plays out on the big road...

Good morning from Wyoming

waking up on the roads of America...

The views can be awesome but the road is ICE !!

One of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in AMERICA !!!

Naked Trucking don't knock it..

Trucking makes my dick PHAT !

I like to be naked when i'm at home on the road..

Don't text and drive....

Trucking feels goooooood!

Best advice,  Never get  too comfortable with your truck.

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