Do you believe ? Have a look on THE EDGE and see if it helps...



I will add more as time goes on..

I will add more about my highly hyper sensitive life and experiences to some it may seem odd or unusual however, it's real and it's part of my life..

Bad entity…. Bad vibe… Bad feeling..

These are all warnings that are built into our human nature.. Trust your inter feelings.. I lived in a duplex in Laguna Beach California and experienced unbelievable paranormal experiences. But this was bad energy and did not want us there by way of paranormal energy.. With things disappearing and reappearing to cans crushing by there self.. lights going on and off and at night my dog would growl at the built in closest in my bedroom as if he was going to attack what ever was in there.. The blinds in my room would shake violently back and forth at night.. and sometimes there would be a cloud hovering above my bed when I would wake up at night , usually at 03:00 a.m on the dot. One day a window that was extreamly hard to shut.. pull down... came slamming down on my dogs snout .. he had happen to be looking out it at me coming up the drive way.. almost breaking it... That was the sign to get out.. We left with one more month on the lease to go but did not want to risk anymore injury.. I will never forget that year at the beach in that house.. Bozzman...


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