Do you believe?

This video I created to help answer a question many of us have had. by Bozzman

This is not what I taught, This is not why I came here and suffered...

  If your religion follows these beliefs perhaps it's time to find a better religious leader and church. This site is for all people that follow a religion to help them understand the world they live in and to help them feed there soul. As this page grows you will be exposed to other options from other points of view from people that are blessed with the gift of insite.  Perhaps it's time to step back if you are not sure and see where THE EDGE can take you... 

  Does your religous beliefs keep you from living?

Are you doing as your told and following your faith blindly?


 Do you challenge your faith or do you believe everything your are told or what you have read in your bible or other books of religion?


Here on THE EDGE you can open yourself to other ways of looking at your religous beliefs and the way you follow it..  Perhaps it's time for a change!

What if our soul purpose was to bring each other to GOD from the time we arrive.

He came to those that needed him the most without judgement!

  What if the religions of the world are just supposed to be a vessel to get to GOD. Not to control and overtake the world with just one religion but simply to help different cultures find GOD from different places all over the world. It was never meant to control or manipulate the followers through Power and Greed!

   You see God wants you to find him/her/God...  and love him. Nobody wants to force people to love them or force them to believe in them. That would be insane.  He wants you to come to his party because you want to all by yourself..  it's really not that complicated..!


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