This is going to be the best time .... I love to make people laugh and think So, here I go.

That's me on THE EDGE getting ready to jump. I live it!

Start my blog with the new summer

   In order to really understand what I have been doing and why it's been taking so long, you will need to read all about it on the front page.

This blog in it self will be an adventure

  I will take you through the good and the bad on this journey and show you or even teach you through my experiences so, you won't have to go through some of the things I did.

Most of the time I was strong , Sometimes I wasn't

            I'm just starting my blog page over starting 6/9/18

When you just having one of those days., Relax and handle it, That way you will be ready for the BIG SHIT when it happens!

Did you ever feel like someone else was running your life?

  You just need to take control of your shit and see where it can take you.

be ready to fall down a few times with your new legs.

Get good at using them to get back up, and once you get that part down

Run like HELL!  you deserve it!

It's ok to find friends just like this.

Give it a minute and think about this question.

Back to the surface

Learn from your mistakes

Some of the worst decisions you have ever made will become some of the best learning experiences you ever had don't give up! Hold on and keep going when you come out the other end IT'S WORTH IT!


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