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Talk about sweeping the shit under the carpet ...

Are you fucking kidding me ?

 So your going to build a wall and the mexicans are going to pay for it..  So, your going to tax mexican imports that should already be taxed.. and use that money to pay for your  RACIST WALL !  Well that money should already be taxed and that money is AMERICAN MONEY .. That money needs to go where it always should be going into our Social Security and to our Veterans programs and our Education programs.. That is AMERICAN MONEY ! NOT MEXICAN MONEY.  and for you to think that Americans are stupid enough to fall for that SHIT !

ARROGANT !   And FIRE THE People that were in charge of taxing mexican imports..



Get it out before it Blows !!

Release and Breath it's really not that difficult..

you suck!

What a dumb ass.

So you come across that dumb ass that tries to make you feel like you are less of a person them they are. Why ? because they need that shit.. Anyway rather then feed into it or letting it get to the best of you. Try this- first keep your cool .... don't be a dumb ass.. and say this... " Out of all the choices were given and out of all the opportunities we have... That's what you chose to grow into? Are you Fucking kidding me !" and walk away.. use there negative energy to feel good about yourself.. because when you walk away say to yourself.. Thank god I worked on myself good enough and didn't turn out like that .. know what I mean? I think you do.. Bozzman

Some kids were raised with to much money!


Nobody tells me what to do !

I got more rockets than you !     Who is going to win?   The Real Leader of the World will WIN !  and it won't be the one with the biggest

Rocket!                                                It will be the one that finds a Cure for CANCER!


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